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Infrared Moisture Mapping


Thermal Imaging Targets Moisture


Thermal imaging has now been in place for a number of years within the building industry and has been used to find problems with building materials, such as: hidden water leaks, leaks within the HVAC system, general plumbing leaks and faulty electrical and mechanical systems. 

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry has made significant strides in the use of this outstanding technology as a way to provide accurate and reliable results during investigations. In fact, it has been determined that the proper use of this technology can increase accuracy and help cut investigation time significantly.

How infrared helps in mold detection
moisture in kitchen ceiling
moisture in closet ceiling
moiture in bedroom ceiling
moisture in bathroom ceiling

Moisture detected in a first floor bathroom ceiling caused by a leaking shower on the second floor.

Moisture detected in a first floor ceiling caused by an improperly sealed shower door gasket above.

Moisture detected in a bedroom ceiling caused by a roof leak.

Moisture detected in a first floor kitchen ceiling caused by a leak under a second floor kitchen sink.

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