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Musty, Mildew Odors - If you can smell mold, it's there somewhere

I walked into a beautiful home that was remodeled several months ago. The house was built high on a hill with a never ending view of the rolling hills of San Diego County. It was so nice, I just wanted to sit on the front porch and take in the scenery and fresh mountain air. But, I was there to work, so work I did. The minute I walked into the house, all of the beauty and splendor were instantly forgotten as the smell of sulfur, rotten eggs, dirty gym socks, and rancid wine almost knocked me over. The client said they moved in two months ago and, even with all the windows open 24/7, they and their pets have been sick with a number of illnesses that sounded like so many other clients have described over the years. There was literally nothing to see in the visual inspection, but using thermal imaging and moisture detection instruments I was able to locate very high moisture retention areas in the hallway walls leading to the master bedroom. Adjacent to the hallway walls was the master bathroom shower and Jacuzzi bath tub, both of which had clearly been leaking for a long time. Apparently, whoever did the plumbing during the remodel was not a highly trained professional. The photo in this post shows the hallway wall. A repair contractor, who the landlord sent to check for plumbing leaks, cut open a section of the wall. Upon seeing spots of black mold, he covered the opening up and recommended getting a mold inspection. Enter AMI. I peeled back the 4 inch tall baseboard and saw it and the wall were completely covered with a thick, furry layer of black (stinky) mold. Needless to say, the airborne spore counts of Stachybotrys, Chaetomium, and several other dangerous molds you don't ever want in your house were through the roof. Settled spores were also detected on furniture, clothing, and other personal contents, ALL IN JUST TWO MONTHS.

Most people get used to odors in the home and after a while don't notice it. Try to pay close attention when entering your home after having been gone a while. If you detect mold odors indoors, it's because there's mold somewhere. Call 800.369.8532. We'll find it.

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